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dob & age
Nora Thorndike
May 31st, 1978 & 39 years old
NYC, New York, USA
London, England, UK
Writer, actress, director

Nora Thorndike is a 39-year-old actress, comedian, voice actor and writer. She is best known for her hit film Trainwreck and her comedy show, Inside Nora Thorndike.

Background Nora was born the daughter of Ruby, an aspiring actress and model-muse, and Don, a failed folk songwriter in the spring of 1978. Not long after, Don and Ruby parted ways and Nora's mother moved her daughter from the suburbs of New York to the suburbs of Los Angeles in order to pursue her acting career. Things didn'd turn out spectacularly well for Ruby, and after dozens of failed auditions, she was ready to throw in the towel. At an audition for a soap opera role, an agent spotted Nora and suggested Ruby bring her in for an audition for a commercial. From there, at five years old, Nora was moved into the spotlight, and Ruby got a taste of Hollywood life. Despite Ruby being the one choosing this life for her, Nora found herself immsersed in it.

Career Getting her start in bit roles in commercials and television spots, Nora's first major role was Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family in 1991. Her first adult role came as Polly Clark in Girl, Interrupted, a film that proved she could also show some acting chops despite her youth. At 22, Nora began playing Claire Fisher in HBO's hit show, Six Feet Under. Despite having been in the business for 15 years, Nora found this to be the first role she felt attached and committed to. Television felt like a home she could live in. Filming in the summers, Nora spent the rest of her years working on Six Feet Under in Cambridge, Massachusetts, attending Harvard University as a literature student. It was a desperate, but much needed attempt at a normal life outside of the frantic rush of her work, and also a way to break away from her mother's overbearing personality.

After Six Feet Under ended, Nora enjoyed small parts here and there, while also working at the William Esper Studio in New York City, studying the Meisner acting technique, and at the UCB theater, working in improvisational comedy. She worked in film but constantly came back to television, playing supporting roles on shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad. She had worked plenty in dramatic film, but Nora had always found comedy to be her forte. Nora auditioned for Saturday Night Live and was turned down, which was a turning point in her career, and inspired her to start working on her own concept for a comedy show. Exposure from the UCB theater and her solid resume, plus a few friends in high places landed her a deal with Comedy Central for 2013's Inside Nora Thorndike, which was an unexpected hit. In 2014, she played Donna Stern in Obvious Child, a role that won her the Independent Spirit Award for Best Comedy Actress. Her show also won the Peabody Award for a 'comic inquisition of contemporary gender'. She wrote and directed her own film, Trainwreck, which was a summer blockbuster and nominated for several Golden Globes. 2015 was the year of real exposure for her, and the media attention was double-edged. Labeled a visionary and comedic genius by some and a vulgar trampy hack by others, Nora was made quite aware that the public now had an opinion and were going to voice it whether she liked it or not. Nora released her first book, "He's Just Not That Into Me", a memoir of essays about her past relationships. Originally offered one million dollars for a book deal in 2014, Nora backed out of the deal, saying publically that "I thought I could get more money for it if I waited." Sure enough, the deal she entered into in 2015 was closer to ten million. She is currently writing a follow up. Currently, Nora is finishing a run at the London National Theatre as Harper Pitt in Angels in America. Afterwards, she will relocate to New York to play Corky in Broadway's production of Steve Martin's 'Meteor Shower'.

Personal Life Nora is a classic Gemini, both fun and outgoing and wild, and conversely detail oriented, serious and neurotic. She sees a therapist occasionally. A serial monogamist, Nora's relationship history is vast and almost all unhealthy. Most relationships she enters into are with older, divorced men with at least one child and at least one addiction problem. Her first high-profile relationship was with a famous director of horror films, which crashed and burned spectacularly and was wildly discussed among his small, but cult-like internet fanbase. After briefly dating a musician, Nora took a break from relationships, focused on her work, and wrote her book. Nora attributes the writing of her book as a wake up call.

Nora's relationship with her mother is tenuous at best, and with her father, barely there at all. She is close to her older half-brother David and his wife, and enjoys being an aunt to his two daughters, Dara, 14, and Lily, 4.

Nora is currently in a relationship with Irish actor Julian Andriessen, which the internet thinks is patently ridiculous. She lives with him in the UK and travels back to New York frequently. She is, for perhaps the first time, confidently happy.
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  • Drives a classic Datsun Z

  • Raised culturally Jewish, still adheres to some loose rituals around significant holidays.

  • Was encouraged to change her last name when taking on roles in her early 20s, and refused.

  • Wrote a memoir, "He's Just Not That Into Me", coming soon.

  • Studied the Meisner technique at the William Esper Studio and improvisational comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, both in New York City.

  • Attended Harvard University for undergraduate work 2000-2004.

  • Works loosely with a stylist but does not often rent couture, and instead buys her awards show gowns.

  • Works with Planned Parenthood and the Global Fund for Women.

  • Won the Best Actress Independent Spirit Award for her role as Donna Stern in Obvious Child

  • Inside Nora Thorndike won the Peabody Award in 2015.