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efaye1201 we had a surprise screenwriting class visit from one of the literal best in the business this morning. mr. cassirer was SO nice and open and generous with his time, plus he gave us solid, thoughtful advice (while chugging an ungodly amount of coffee). you can tell this guy just loves to talk about film. we also got to see his really cute dog! thank you to our teacher for making this happen!

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filmhound HOLY SHIT. #neilcassirer

wall0ws54 were there any evan engelson spottings in the background

efaye1201 @wall0ws54 nope! you can't see it in the shot but his desk to the right is a MESS lol.

aliov002 did he just wake up or something

hay24films do u think he makes his sexual partners lay perfectly centered in bed before they can fuck?

nadialucia the bleach-stained under armour sweatshirt and receding hairline is a middle-aged vibe and i would kiss him tenderly on the lips

kosherv__ can you really blame evan because babyyyyy if he's willing to cut the check on these student loans he can be daddy too 🤷‍♀️

cinemahaus i see that this has devolved into gross gossip but i just wanted to say that the clip where he talks about having a very calm, passive aggressive fight with his director friend about whether or not he needed the curtains at the end of rushmore cracks me up and i am willing to bet i know which director friend told him to scrap them!

dracbonner11 okay but did anyone ask him about his experience watching midsommer after growing up in a verging-on-doomsday cult, this is literally all i care about!!!!!

viiibeland isle of dogs, more like isle of casting only white people

carolyns__cakes he's a better director than a screenwriter and someone should let him know

rankera okay but when can i see the french dispatch????

evanangelstan GROSS this man has been grooming evan engelson since he was 16 and it's truly disgusting that you all still simp for a predator! #saveevan

magic0mike @evanangelstan there's more talent in the glare from this man's forehead than in holy crepe.

heavenangelson95 where 👏 is 👏 the 👏 twink!?!?? 👏

beautywho_00 @viibeland his best friend is danny oh from danger, enterprise, he's also really good friends with pharaoh smith, he dated nancy whang for a decade, he cast jeffrey wright and benicio del toro, he's not a racist! people can't help being white!

rengelsoandso @evanangelstan uhhhh he was married when he made moonrise kingdom and genuinely didn't even remember evan's name during one of the press junkets so please take several seats.

gaydunaway4 after watching some clips of this talk, evan, I get it now 🥵

showyshowee wow his office looks nothing like i imagined neil cassirer's office to look like, like where's the bookshelf that's a hidden door into a secret wine cellar? where are the vintage maps of small french towns? where are the rotary phones?

sdidier sometimes to amuse myself i imagine evan engelson playing neil one of his songs and neil trying to get evan to watch virgin spring or something and it just cracks me up WHAT DO THEY EVEN TALK ABOUT

weeweewoowootime wait so the twink you're all commenting about made that poor beautiful twilight bastard come out just to bail and fuck THIS DECAYING BODY??

superwh0lockian @weeweewoowootime i mean neil made cal carpenter come out for him in 2015 and immediately dumped him for literally nobody so it could be way fucking worse!!!

_selfiebomb is neil cassirer working his very obvious daddy issues out on evan engelson or is evan engelson working his very obvious daddy issues out on neil cassirer?

iheartveronica_007 @_selfiebomb evan engelson dating neil cassirer is just daddy issues inception