nora thorndike name: nora dell thorndike
born: December 7th, 1978 in New York City, NY
lives: Los Feliz, Los Angeles County, CA
works: Writer, Actress, Producer, Director, Humorist
relationship: Nope
family: Ruby Schwartz (mother), Don Thorndike (father), David (half-brother), Dara (niece)

✤ drives a classic Datsun Z

✤ was pushed into acting as a child by her mother, when she saw Nora had an aptitude for it.

✤ her dad, Don, isn't much in her life until he pops up to ask for money.

✤ doesn't ever want to have children, but takes her job as an aunt very seriously.

✤ sees a therapist once a week and has since she was 13.

✤ is an early riser, runs every morning, attends yoga classes and a self-defense class.

✤ doesn't consider herself a serious actress and feels much more comfortable behind the scenes.

✤ prefers the short internet comedy work she does to film work any day.

✤ a self-defined feminist and staunchly disapproves of women in the media who want to distance themselves from the term.

✤ the love of her life is bruce springsteen.

✤ best known for her comedy writing and appearances, secretly works on more serious scripts/projects/articles in her spare time but hasn't found just the right one to put into production yet.

✤ was raised culturally jewish but doesn't practice much. her faith is questionable.

✤ has two small dogs, vincent and vega.

✤ likes: classic rock, comedy, television, film, sketches, guys in rock bands, beards, power naps, late nights at the office, motorcycles, long drives, road trips, roughing it.

✤ dislikes: sexism, her parents, talking about her parents, when people ask her if she's afraid she'll never get to have a family because she works too much, failure, beating around the bush, hipsters, pretentious assholes.

random facts



2016 GHOSTBUSTERS Jillian Holtzmann
2014 - present INSIDE NORA THORNDIKE Nora/Various
2014 BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (Ep: Undercover) Bianca Jean
2014 OBVIOUS CHILD Donna Stern
2014 THEY CAME TOGETHER Cobie Smulders' role
2013 - PRESENT MASTERS OF SEX Virginia Johnson
2013 MAD MEN Sylvia Rosen
2013 DRUNK HISTORY Herself (the history of Coca Cola)
2013 PARKS AND RECREATION Mona Lisa Saperstein
2012 GIRLS Tally Schifrin
2011 - PRESENT BOB'S BURGERS Louise (voice)
2009 - 2010 PARTY DOWN Casey Klein
2009 - 2010 BREAKING BAD Jane Margolis
2007 SUNSHINE Cassie
2006 MARIE ANTOINETTE Duchess de Polignac
2000 - 2005 SIX FEET UNDER Claire Fisher
1999 GIRL, INTERRUPTED Polly "Torch" Clark
1999-2000 FREAKS AND GEEKS Lindsay Weir
1988-1997 ROSEANNE Darlene Conner-Healy

other work

2015 TRAINWRECK Writer
2014 - present INSIDE NORA THORNDIKE Writer/Creator
Marcel the shell with shoes on: The most suprirsed i've ever beenMarcel (voice)
"Tacky" (Weird Al) Kristen Schaal's role
"college humor presents: disney princess spring breakers trailer" Snow White
2013 "college humor presents: Daria Movie Trailer" Jane Lane
2013 HOW DID THIS GET MADE PODCAST Herself (Kristen Schaal's appearance: Howard the Duck)
Born the wholesome daughter of two wayward artists, Nora Thorndike lived an altogether charming childhood in the New York City sect. With a mother who imagined herself one of Warhol's waifish muses and a father who's singer-songwriter career never quite took off, Nora was never at a loss for things to do. Between planting herself under the dining room table while her mother threw dinner parties, or falling asleep on stacks of coats between rounds of key-swapping, Nora spent her childhood around adults. She learned to imitate them, to walk and talk like them, to hold her own among them as a precocious, charming little person. And when, at age nine, she announced to her mother and father that she wanted a job, their alternative-methods of parenting children were allowed to run wild. Nora had decided she wanted to be an entertainer, like her parents, and they were happy to oblige her whims.

Nora's mother, Ruby, set about assessing her daughter's talents. She was well-spoken, confident, a little strange. She was smart and driven, excelling in her schoolwork, easy to make friends. From an early age, Nora had been encouraged to express her feelings artistically, drawing her anger, her happiness, her sadness. She wasn't the best artist, but she had a good hold on how to channel her feelings. At nine, Ruby began taking Nora on screen tests, trying to land her ethereal-looking daughter some modeling jobs. It was slow going, this business, but when approached to sign a modeling deal for an agency, Nora insisted, as if out of nowhere, that she wanted to act. And from there, Ruby enrolled her in acting classes and started her on the audition circuit.

In 1988, at the age of 11, Nora landed her first big break in a role that would carry her into adulthood in front of the camera lens. As the middle child, Darlene, on ABC's sitcom ROSEANNE, Nora cultivated the image of the deadpan teenage loner that she would carry into her later roles. In this show, Nora was allowed to grow as an actress within the confines of a cast of characters that surrounded and supported her like a second family. She was even allowed to pen a story arc in the fourth season of the show, which gave her her first taste of writing. After ROSEANNE went off the air in 1997, Nora was 20 and in a position to rethink her lifestyle. She hadn't attended school, public or private, since she was 11 and felt in need of some sort of further education. However, in 1999, her agent approached her with an audition for the role of Lindsay Weir in television's FREAKS AND GEEKS. Excited by the prospect of something comfortable and familiar rather than leaping into the unknown, she auditioned for the role and got the part. From 1999 to 2000 she portrayed another teen, even though she was in her early 20s. Nora was frustrated by the lack of viewership despite the show's critical acclaim, and when it was cancelled abruptly, she realized she had also been frustrated by her own indecision and fear of trying something different.

In 2000, Nora decided to try her hand at something completely different. Since Roseanne had wrapped, she had been honing her writing skills and found that she thrived when developing works that centered around a confessional, personal sort of raw comedy. In 2001, Nora took two large leaps -- she landed herself an audition for Saturday Night Live and also applied for an undergraduate position at Wellesley College. Nora's SNL audition was a famous bomb. Her material wasn't built for sketch comedy whatsoever. Having never been denied anything, Nora took rejection hard to the gut. It was difficult to take her acceptance into college as a sign, though in the fall of 2002, she enrolled in Wellesley and graduated in 2006 with her bachelor of arts in writing.

In 2010, Nora's writing had developed enough to work her way onto the writing staff of a fledgling NBC comedy called Community. With some friends in the television business, and with some help from her recent guest-stint on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Nora found she had a flare for the behind the scenes work of writing and production. She was well at home on the staff of COMMUNITY and then later, writing and producing for the short lived HAPPY ENDINGS. Performing was still at her core, but Nora knew that writing was just as fulfilling. While writing, Nora found that she had time to do voice work with some old friends on the show Bob's Burgers. It was a low-commitment deal that didn't require a lot of time from her, and she loved the idea of voicing the crazed daughter Louise. At the same time, she and a friend developed a series of internet shorts about a shell named Marcel that eventually went viral. This was Nora's introduction to the world of internet comedy, which she would revisit again in her strange series CATHERINE.

Alongside her career success came the downfall of her personal life -- a long term-relationship with writer/director Charlie Givins was starting to spiral downward. They both worked too much and despite moving in together, could never seem to reach a common agreement on the general direction of their relationship. Charlie didn't believe in marriage and Nora didn't believe much in monogamy without hope for a future. Their split in early 2013 was amicable, but the two remain distant to this day.

In 2011, at the height of her writing career, Nora was offered a book deal that she gladly took. She wrote My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me, a series of non-fiction essays detailing her relationship mishaps over the years. It wasn't a smash hit, but it bolstered her confidence in her own writing. From there, Nora continued her work behind the scenes. While she still produces for Community, writing took a side-step in the summer of 2013 when she was offered a film role that she had auditioned for on a whim. Not expecting to land it, she put her current writing projects on hold and is currently in New York City filming with the cast. She also plans on returning to LA to film 13 episodes of BAD TEACHER, a show she created. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, CA with her two rescue dogs, Vincent and Vega, and is working on various writing projects.


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