EXCLUSIVE… UPDATE:Alette Valiencourt fired her entire management team and CAA this week after a ten-year stint together. Alette met with her team including, manager Noureen Weld, publicist Lucas Dorner and agent Mark Allendale, and after what was described to me as a "very quick, very tense" meeting, left with none of them still on the payroll. Sources say that Lucas Dorner's latest PR plan was perhaps the catalyst. From what sources claim, Valiencourt still retains her regular legal team. Another exclusive source says that unsurprisingly, WME's Ari Emanuel has already been very hands-on in pursuing Valiencourt for his own agency, which could be a "huge win" for WME. She is currently promoting The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby and is set to star in Andrew Dominik's Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blonde. An insider told me "Lucas Dorner is a very talented publicist who basically rebuilt Letty's career after her three-year hiatus, but he doesn't know what his boundaries are and Letty is definitely not someone who will take that kind of thing lying down. She does not appreciate people acting more familiar with her than they really are. Lucas was her employee and he behaved inexcusably, and that's just not how someone of Letty's caliber works in this business. She's always been the one calling the shots and she wasn't about to let that fall by the wayside for the sake of good PR."