legal name clyfford miller stone age & dob 40 & january 31st, 1974 occupation actor birthplace sau paulo, brazil current residence new york and los angeles
Clyfford Stone was born kicking and screaming in a Sao Paulo hospital to Rain and Sandy Stone, a pair of hippies who had left their far more mundane names of Rachel and Sherman back home in the states with a far more mundane life. Clyfford - named after his recently deceased grandfather - was the second of what would be five children for the pair. They would have one more son while living in South America and spreading the good word, before they had the good sense to realize the cult they had joined was - well - just that - a cult. When Clyfford was six, they gathered their three kids and their pile of belongings and fled back to the states where they landed in San Diego, over the next five years, the family would work their way up the West Coast, sometimes living a solitary life, sometimes finding solace in what communes might still be kicking around the corners of society.

It was a lawless way to grow up. The brood was homeschooled by their mother, who in a past life had actually been a teacher, but in this life was distracted at best. They more or less absorbed what they wanted to and ignored what they didn't. Clyff proved himself to be smart but mischievous, disinterested in his homework but very interested in the world around him. Back then no one would have pegged him for a future actor but maybe they should have, because he was a storyteller through and through. Amusing his younger siblings with fanciful fairytales his imagine cobbled together to keep them happy. Eventually, after a summer in Portland, the Stone clan headed in land and would spend the next three years roaming America as a family. Sometimes pretending to be a family band but never really being good enough at harmonies to garner any sort of reputation, or even to get a decent amount of money in the open guitar case.

When Clyff was 14, his parents fell in with another group of religious devotees, so to speak. Clyff and his older sister Rosa were now old enough to call a spade a spade and were not wild about their new home in upstate New York, in fact, when Rosa turned 18, she moved away to New York City - with her parents blessing and when Clyff turned 16, he did the same (much to the chagrin of his younger siblings). Clyff moved in with his sister in a shitbox apartment she was paying for by waiting tables and began working a series of very odd jobs. He effectively dropped out of highschool within the year and no one tried to stop him. He mostly hung around with his sister and her group of wannabe artiste friends, the whole gang of them did a lot of drugs and didn't actually make a whole lot of good art. But they did introduce Clyff to the most important thing in his young life (in his whole life, really): acting.

The first time he ever ran lines was with a then boyfriend of his sisters, who was prepping for an audition, and then later he played a bit part in the no good play of an aspiring screen writer friend. He convinced a then girlfriend, an theatre student at Columbia, to sneak him into her classes and that was then the bug really bit him. He was aware though, that no matter how good an actor was, teachers would start to notice if he showed up to too many classes uninvited so he began using some of the money he regularly spent on drugs and booze on acting classes around the city. Auditions were the next logical step and eventually he got cast in his first play, and then followed another play, and after that his first movie and it seemed like he might be living the dream, or on the way to it.

Except the thing about Clyff was he was not destined for a normal career trajectory. Not that he knew it then. His first film, Inventing the Abbotts, made him something of a heart throb but his next couple movies hardly capitalized on that. Then there was the one two punch of Gladiator and Training Day which made him "one to watch" but his following string of movies didn't really capitalize that either. It was a series of up and downs and brief returns to stage acting until 2009. In 2009, what started as a joke with him and his director, became an elaborate prank, a public relations disaster, and his next movie. By 2010, the world thought Clyff Stone was a bright star that was burning out before he had the chance to capitalize on the talent he had demonstrated in earlier work. He let them believe that right up until the release of I'm Still Here, which confirmed the suspicion that what was thought to be documentary was in fact mockumentary.

What everyone around him thought was career suicided though, turned out to be the thing that turned his career into what it was always meant to be. He felt revitalized, he felt like he had learned to act all over again, or in fact he had forgotten how to act and was all the better for it. The film caught the attention of PT Anderson, who had lost one half of the lead duo for his new film and was looking to fill the role. The two met and hit it off and Clyff found himself set to star in The Master. After that movie came the acclaim, which he quickly shit on in an Interview Magazine interview where he declared the awards circuit bullshit he didn't care about. Since then it's been a hot streak of critical acclaim for Clyff but he doesn't really care. All that matters to him is the directors he works with, the costars he goes up against, and whether when the movie is done everyone is satisfied with his performance. They day they aren't is the day he has to reconsider what he is doing with his life. For now though, he is as happy as he can be where he is.
(2015) the lost city of z (pre-production) ... Col. Percival Fawcett (2014) the real thing (theatre) ... henry (2014) inherent vice ... doc sportello (2014) birdman ... mike shiner (2014) gone girl ... nick dunne (2013) her ... theodore twombley (2013) the immigrant ... bruno weiss (2012) the master ... freddie quell (2011) asuncion (theatre) ... vinny (2010) i'm still here ... himself (joaquin phoenix) (2008) revolutionary road ... john givings (2008) two lovers ... leonard kraditor (2007) we own the night ... bobby green (2007) the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford ... robert ford (2006-7) the coast of utopia: part 2 - shipwreck (theatre) ... vissarion belinsky (2006-7) the coast of utopia: part 1 - voyage (theatre) ... vissarion belinsky (2005) lord of war ... jack valentine (2004) taking lives ... costa (2003) long day's journey into night (theatre) ... edmund (2002) 25th Hour ... Monty Brogan (2002) gerry ... gerry (casey affleck's role) (2001) training day ... jake hoyt (2000) gladiator ... commodus (2000) the yards ... willie gutierrez (1999) 200 cigarettes ... bartender (1998) desert blue ... pete kepler (1997) princess mononoke ... ashitaka (voice) (1997) inventing the abbotts ... jacey holt (1997) the three sisters (theatre) ... solyony (1996) bus stop (theatre) ... bo decker
niece & nephew
sherman "sandy" stone (70)
rachel "rain" stone (65)
rosalee stone (43)
xander stone (35)
ezhra stone (32)
jeremiah stone (28)
melanie franklin-stone (12) & malcolm franklin-stone (10)
lou, osa, and max

  • Hates to watch his own movies. He will only watch rough cuts at the request of his directors. If he attends a screening, he sits outside and smokes through the movie, only reappearing for the requisite Q&A's and schmoozing.

  • Still drives the Jeep Grand Wagoneer that he bought upon his arrival in LA at the start of his career.

  • An avid motorcycle enthusiast. Owns three bikes, two stay with him in LA, and one he keeps in New York. He tries to do most of the maintance for them himself, and only caves and takes them to the shop when repairs are way out of his league.

  • Speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese, and is learning French to amuse himself during his down time between jobs.

  • Despite splitting his time between New York and LA for the better part of the past 15 years, Clyff is still adamant that he is a New Yorker and nothing else. That said, he loves LA more than most New Yorkers.

  • Though unlicensed he has taken up tattooing under the half-assed supervision of his regular tattoo artist.