It's not true that life is one damn thing after another; it's one damn thing over and over.

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dob & age
Letty Valiencourt
Alette-Marie Valiencourt
21 September 1974 & 39 years old
Alsace, France
London, England

Vincent Valiencourt and Annette Waitte were not going to raise an unexceptional child. Waiting well into their late thirties to have their one and only offspring, they had already seen the world and fully lived by the time Alette-Marie was brought into the world as the result of many rounds of failure. There's something to be said about knowing that you were a meticulously planned and wanted child. In a way, Alette has always known she has expectations to meet, legacies to live up to. By the time she could walk, she was enrolled in dance classes and the traditionalists in her parents pushed her towards ballet with the vigor of stage parents nearly foaming at the mouth. Their appetites seemed only to be sated when preternaturally-pretty Alette was noticed by a talent agent who insisted she start modeling immediately. Ever eager to please mom and dad, Letty agreed, and soon she was all over kid-fashion rags and department store catalogs, modeling the latest in haute couture for tots. Where most kids in this scenario would rebel immediately, Alette found that she actually liked the attention, she liked the camera flash and the fussing, the makeup, the costume changes, she liked being surrounded by adults eager to praise her for her good work. When she landed her first commercial for a UK brand of candy, she was hooked. She knew what she wanted, and she wanted to be an actress.

Despite her privileged and coddled upbringing, Alette learned quickly that the fastest way to get what you want was to work hard for it, and so she worked. At school, she worked, and when she wasn't shoving her nose in a book, she was working on her craft. Acting lessons turned into stagework here, commercials there, until finally in 1991, after what felt like years of scraping, she managed to land a small role in a real American film. She was young Wendy Darling in Spielberg's Hook, and she couldn't have been more thrilled. So it wasn't a leading role. She knew that Hollywood was a ladder to climb, and since she was a teenager committed to a friendless and work-horse existence, she had plenty of time to learn how to climb it. Hook may not have put her on the map, but it gave her a remarkable confidence, and from there, she managed to land herself a coveted role as Ophelia in Kenneth Branagh's unedited film adaptation of Hamlet. This was perhaps the role that put her through her paces, but similarly proved her ability to work alongside seasoned actors who played these roles like they had lived and breathed them all their lives. She was straining, scraping along, but she was doing the work, and that was what mattered to her. When she landed the role of Estella in Great Expectations, Letty knew she was doing something remarkable. She was making a living.

The life of an obsessive actress was a lonely one, however. At first, the solitude of work was welcomed. She didn't want distractions or anything that may keep her away from the goal at hand. But when you're twenty-four and you realize most of your relationships are family friendships and fleeting emotional entanglements with other obsessed actors, you maybe hit a social wall. The work was fulfilling, but the loneliness was not. In 2000, after wrapping on Quills, Letty vowed to take a small break and reconnect with a world she had never really connected with in the first place. She bought an apartment in New York City and dedicated herself to becoming a more well-rounded person. She took up ballet lessons again, became a stringent and eager student of yoga and developed a love for attending American baseball games. She got a dog and named him Blitz. She had a boyfriend and broke his heart. She did things normally reserved for teenagers, including a lot of dramatic journaling and lingering in coffee shops. When she felt like she had had enough of the real world, she returned to acting with a renewed passion.

In 2007, at an industry event, Letty met James Elkin, a man who would prove to be both wonderful and terrible for her all at once. Everything with him was a whirlwind. He charmed her and gave her everything and she was drunk on the idea of being so intoxicating to someone. He treated her well, he presented no challenges, and Alette imagined that this, maybe, was love. Or as close to it as humans were allowed to come. They married too quickly and Letty took another hiatus from working to enjoy being a wife. They traveled the world together, they shared secrets, they built intimacies. When James sat down to tell her that he had been cheating on her with another woman, Letty was completely blind sided. She saw none of the signs. Wounded and upset, she demanded an immediate divorce and in perhaps a childish move, refused all contact with him except through her legal team. For the first time in her life, the tabloids were covering not just what she was wearing and what film set she was on this week, but the dissolution of what she imagined would be the rest of her life. Her divorce was a scandal, an A-list couple torn apart by cheating. She was humiliated. And her resentment and anger and humiliation all got channeled into her performance in Theo Shiel's Black Swan. The tabloids liked to imagine that Theo had a hand in breaking them up, but in reality, Theo's only role in the entire affair was to deal with a nightmare of a woman on set every day during filming.

From there, Alette recommitted to work, involving herself in the massive undertaking that was The Hunger Games trilogy. Day in and day out of costume changes, aggressive makeup and all of that fuss seemed to take her mind off of the media's obsessive attention to detail when it came to her divorce. It was around this time that she met a young actor, Clarence Locke, a couple of years her junior. While unsure about making time for another relationship in her life, and feeling particularly defensive in terms of self-preservation, she began seeing him. The media didn't necessarily consider this newsworthy until Locke made his debut as BBC's Sherlock, and then it was a field day. Neither Alette nor Clarence ever publicly confirmed their relationship, but it wasn't necessarily a secret. Attending events together, being snapped at lunch or around London together seemed to be enough for the internet to properly confirm that they were an item, and an A-list one at that. Their two year relationship consisted of much camera dodging and discussion about what they were and weren't willing to confirm, sacrifice or commit to. Signing on to a film together seemed like a way to quietly confirm rumors while also spending as much time together as possible, but The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby proved to be a more emotionally taxing work than either of them imagined. They parted ways not long after filming wrapped, after deciding that their relationship could either progress to marriage, or end. They both agreed it ought to end. It seemed evident that work was the only thing that was ever going to satisfy her and remain steady and reliable. She threw herself into it with enthusiasm, and currently, that's where she still stands. The wounds from her divorce have healed over completely, but the disappointment in herself for getting burned twice in love haven't. She currently lives between London and New York City with her dog, Blitz, and is promoting her role in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, side by side with Clarence Locke.

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  • A talented dancer, Alette suffered a minor injury in her mid-teens that prevented her from pursuing a career in ballet. However, she remains enthusiastic and still studies dance several times a week for recreation.

  • Still has her name on the deed of a house in the south of France, owned with her ex-husband James Elkin.

  • Is rather adventurous, enjoying physical activities like rock climbing, fencing classes and the like.

  • Does not have a stylist and makes all her own fashion decisions, though sometimes her management wishes she wouldn't.

  • Founded the Alette Valiencourt Africa Outreach Program (AVAOP) to educate young Africans about the dangers of HIV and AIDS. Also periodically works closely with UNICEF.

  • Was married from 2004-2007 to an A-list actor and took a brief hiatus from acting in order to maintain her marriage. She regrets this hiatus.

  • A two-time Academy Award winner, once for her supporting role as Lisa Rowe in Girl, Interrupted and once for her role as Aileen Wuornos in Monster.

  • An enthusiastic and unashamed fan of early U2, which is the source of much ragging from her friends, less so is her obsession with all things Prince.

  • After her failed marriage, Alette is notoriously tight-lipped about her personal relationships. She will neither confirm nor deny any speculations despite any red carpet appearances with people she may make.